About us

Fometal casts non-ferrous metals for the production of master aluminium alloys.

Processing and production capacity
The company, established in 1996, stands out for its continued growth process and for its casting equipment, which is comprised of 1 basin furnace, 2 crucible furnaces and 2 induction furnaces.
Fometal has a production capacity of approximately 600 tons per month at its plant in Colonnella (TE), which covers a surface area of 7000 square metres (3500 sq m indoors).

Fometal produces a vast range of aluminium master alloys, both in standard types and also according to the specific requirements of the customer, and it is able to ensure homogenous, compliant products, thanks to its thorough attention to quality.

Tests, inspections and certification
Product quality in the melting and casting process is guaranteed by careful scorification of the bath, refining with gas and salts, filtering the liquid metal and repeated chemical tests carried out by Fometal in its own laboratories, using two quantometers.

Fometal has also received the most important certification for its sector from accredited bodies.

Over the years, Fometal has continued to stand out for the quality of its products, competitive prices, and fast turnaround times for orders.

This is why today it is considered a point of reference throughout Europe when it comes to producing aluminium master alloys, with customers including the key Italian and European players in the aluminium processing industry.